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STAHLGRUBER’s whistleblower portal  

For us at STAHLGRUBER GmbH, it is of vital importance to run our business with the highest level of integrity and to comply with all the applicable laws and provisions. How we deal with people, our decisions and our day-to-day actions are guided by our shared value system. 

Failing to live up to these values not only damages the good reputation of STAHLGRUBER GmbH, but can even have serious legal consequences. There are many examples of this: corruption in the field of financial crime, breaches of competition law such as illegal price-fixing agreements, and violations of the applicable data protection regulations. If you notice any misconduct or have reasonable suspicion of misconduct, and would like to let us know about this anonymously, you can now use Speak Up! to send us a message about it.  By doing so, you enable us to find out about any illegal activities at an early stage, look into matters in more detail, and avoid any potential further consequences. 

All your information will, of course, be treated as confidential. Speak Up! is aimed at all employees, management staff, customers, suppliers and business partners of STAHLGRUBER GmbH. We guarantee that we will deal with all matters that are reported to us with the necessary sensitivity and seriousness, and use the necessary resources to follow up on them.

We are aware that some people have concerns that this will now open the floodgates for bullying and denunciation. However, we would like to clarify the following: Speak Up! is to support you in the event that you notice something at the company that you think is suspicious or that you know may be questionable from a legal point of view. It gives you the opportunity to prevent damaging consequences for the company without having to get involved in a conflict of any kind yourself. Our employees are entitled to have an honest employer and therefore a safe working environment.

You can send us a message using Speak Up! via the following link:

Many thanks for your support!

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What is compliance anyway?

Compliance means “sticking to the rules” and can be used to mean adhering to laws and regulations as well as internal guidelines.  It serves to protect both the company and all its employees.  

Why should I use Speak Up!?

Perhaps you're aware of specific instances that could endanger compliance with established rules and regulations? But perhaps you’re a little hesitant about personally providing this information? We want to offer you effective protection as a whistleblower, which is why when you submit information via our communication platform, which operates with only the highest security standards, you can do so either anonymously or, if desired, by giving your name. 

How can my information help?

Your information helps us when investigating matters, identifying risks at an early stage and avoiding potential material or reputational damage to either STAHLGRUBER or third parties. Your involvement means that you can actively participate in resolving such circumstances, thus minimising the risks posed to the company and all employees.  

What cases can I report?

You can notify us of any information relating either directly or indirectly to the following topics: :

•       Breach of internal guidelines
•       Breach of important statutory regulations (e.g. national insurance, commercial, corporate or tax law)
•       Environmental law
•       Occupational health & safety, cases involving damage and hazards
•       Data protection and IT security
•       Theft, embezzlement or fraud
•       Circumstances contravening the General Equal Treatment Act, cases involving harassment and discrimination
•       Corruption, bribery and conflicts of interest
•       Breaches of non-competition agreements, price-fixing and the disclosure of business secrets

More detailed information about the individual topic points can also be obtained during the reporting process..

I wish to remain anonymous – is that ensured?  

The single most important principle of the NAVEX procedure is protecting the whistleblower. The technical provisions in place to ensure data confidentiality have been certified.  Important information here: During the reporting process, please ensure that you yourself – if and when desired – take steps to protect your anonymity and avoid accidentally revealing your identity. 

What information can STAHLGRUBER request or view?  

STAHLGRUBER will only receive the information you enter into the system.   

Must I use Speak Up! from within the company network?

No. Speak Up! can be accessed via all Internet-enabled devices. Simply go to If you're looking to report information via the company network, it would be possible in theory to see that you had visited the NAVEX webpage. We guarantee 100% anonymity when information is reported via an Internet connection that is outside of the company network. 

Is it possible to communicate with STAHLGRUBER?  

Yes, via a secure email inbox. This can be set up when reporting information. Simply choose a pseudonym and password when setting up your inbox. Your information will then be protected by encryption and other security functions.You can access your protected email inbox by clicking on the ‘login’ button. Then enter the personal pseudonym/username and password, which you have selected after submitting the information. 

What is the purpose of a secure email inbox?  

This email inbox can be used by our Compliance Officer to ask questions, should they need to clarify any specific details.